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Beauty and the Beast: The Reading Chamber & CABB 

Jane Austen -- The Authors of Derbyshire Writers' Guild Epilogue Abbey A treasure of quality writers...

Gargoyles -- all the following writers can be found at this site:
Gargoyles Fan Website Fanfiction (Starr Williams, Christine Morgan, Christi Smith Hayden,Kellie Fay, Kimberly T., Scott Mercure, Ellen Stolfa

& The Authors of the Gargoyles Saga )

Other Gargoyle sites: A Castle Above the CloudsStation 8, GargWiki, and others to come

On Fanfiction.Net (because sometimes the authors update here where they don't elsewhere): Scott Mecure, Christi Smith Hayden, Kimberly T., Merlin Missy,  & Christine Morgan

Classic & Real Adventures of Jonny  --the BEST RAJQ site (with plenty of links to others) with JQStyle coming in as a close second & Favorite Author: Debbie Kluge

Classic Jonny -- everything there is to know about the original Jonny Quest cartoon series

Bat-Clan -- While these authors can be found at, they can be also located at the Bludhaven Library or The Family Archives:SKH (Gotham City Fanfiction, her own site), Reichenbach, Arlene, Syl, Smitty (Potatoverse), Charlene Edwards

X-Men: the Movie & X2-- Multiple Good Authors @ the WRFA-- (Wolverine & Rogue)

The Mummy/The Mummy Returns -- Jennifer Lee

Star Wars: Official Home & The Force.Net

Power Rangers: The Morphing Grid: A Power Rangers Wiki

A Writer's Guide to the PR Universe

Eureka -- & hopefully more to come!

Numb3rs -- Running the NUMB3RS & others

He-man, She-ra, etc:


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