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Utopian File:Founders/Wayne/Wedding/Lance
Original Source: Cat Grant, The Daily Planet Newspaper, Metropolis, New Troy, Kansas, USA, Earth
Date: 2027.7.15


New Gotham, USA -- Love is in the air as the city's leading playboy bachelor, Bruce Wayne, 42, announced his engagement to a crowd of shocked reporters who were expecting a boring, routine announcement on some new breakthrough from Wayne Enterprises. While Wayne has dated many women-- models, actresses, and socialites, but today on record, another can be added.

Bruce Wayne is engaged to Dinah Laurel Lance, 35, better known as the Justice League member Black Canary. Details are scarce and those closest to the couple aren't talking. While a source acknowledges that both Wayne and Lance have been, at the very least, acquaintances for over a decade, there hasn't been a single hint of a romantic relationship between the two.

 Their status as acquaintances can be easily traced.  It is known that Wayne has had business dealings with Lance's ex-husband, Oliver Queen who is ex-CEO of Queen Industries, ex-Star City Mayor, and the Justice League member Green Arrow.  It is also well known that Queen's ex-ward, Roy Harper, a.k.a. Red Arrow, is also a long time friend of Wayne's adopted son, Richard Grayson-Wayne, as Grayson-Wayne was once engaged to Harper's Titan teammate, Starfire.  However, it is clear that Lance and Wayne became friends during the events surrounding the wedding of Grayson-Wayne to Barbara Gordon where Wayne was his son's best man and Lance was the bride's chief attendant.

Provided he actually makes it through the "I do's," (as he has a record of engagements that ended prior to wedding day) this will be his second marriage.  His first, to Ms. Talia Head -- current CEO of LexCorp Industries -- was a quiet six month marriage--that wasn't even legal in the United States and wasn't even made public until Ms. Head began her current position with Wayne's rival.  Wayne and Head's marriage did produce a child, Ian Thomas Wayne, whose very existence was hidden from Wayne for six years.  Wayne also has multiple adopted children: Richard Grayson-Wayne, 29, Jason Todd-Wayne, 23, Cassandra Cain-Wayne, 20, and Timothy Drake-Wayne, 18.  Richard Grayson-Wayne himself has adopted a child, James, 10, which makes Bruce a grandfather.

This will be Ms. Lance's third marriage.  Her first husband was Craig Winslow, whom she wed and divorced when she was 18.  She then assumed the identity of Black Canary from her mother in the following year and was key to the formation of the Justice League, where she served as a founding member. Her second marriage was to the aforementioned  Oliver Queen, 46.  Their almost decade-long relationship was a constant storm of reunions and breakups, before Queen's reported death.  Upon his return from his so-called death, Lance and Queen wed quietly the next year. However, they divorced four years ago, when reports of Queen's returning womanizing ways surfaced.  While Queen and Lance never had children together, they were not childless.  Queen has two sons, Connor Hawke, 20, and Robert Queen, 10, from other relationships as well as two former  wards, Roy Harper, 30, and Mia Dearden, 19.  Hawke has wed his father's former ward, Dearden, and Harper has a child, Lian, age 11. Lance herself adopted a girl, Cyn, who tragically was killed by kidnappers five years ago.

By some, it appears to be a ill match, or at least ill connected, which is far from the truth.  While Wayne is a well connected businessman, Lance is a well connected superheroine.  Not only she is she well connected with the Justice League, where she has served as chairperson, but the Justice Society, Titans, and Outsiders as well.  She's the Kevin Bacon of the superhero set and it will be a delight to see how the two very different lifestyles merge together.  Details of the wedding--including time and location-- are being kept under wraps for security purposes (although why anyone with a brain cell would want to attack a ceremony full of superheroes is beyond me), but a little birdy has confirmed several details.  The Grayson-Waynes will return the favor that Wayne and Lance performed at their wedding and if possible, Lian Harper and James Grayson will serve as flower girl and ring bearer.  The dress, guest list, or wedding planner hasn't been selected at this time.  It is also known that Ms. Lance hasn't fully decided, but is leaning on keeping her own surname with the option of adding his surname to her own at some point. More details to follow as they are revealed and confirmed, because this upcoming wedding will probably ignite a media firestorm of rumors, stalkers and photographers, that probably outpace anything yet seen. Of course, this is probably the first publicity bride who can be her own bodyguard, and has an army of superheroes on speed dial. It's a good thing Wayne has a fleet of lawyers available, because he's probably going to need everyone of them.  Best wishes to Wayne and his bride-to-be.