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Absolute Best Fanfiction:



IMHO, Fanfiction.Net's Best of Veronica (with the summaries also from that site) :

A Different Way LoVeLoVeLoVe   Starts when Lilly's body is found. What if Veronica had told her dad to check the air vents? LoVe, AU  -- Incomplete at the moment.

A Step on the Path Moo Chapman   Logan was dating Veronica when Lilly was killed. And stood with her when she stood with her dad.--Incomplete at the moment.    



Brighter than Sunshine Lisabeth C   Pre-series. AU. What if Lynn had found the tapes before Lilly died? WIP/NC    
Can't Let You Go linda06  

This is linda06's version of what she would have liked to have seen on VM post season 3.   [I really like this  version of season 4 and the next few years thereafter-lizzie] Logan/Veronica.

Chance of a Lifetime blueaeryn1    Set days after the final episode of Season three. What happens next with Logan and Veronica? WIP/IC    
Could This Be Happening? christykq    A LoVe story about being pregnant which begins right before 3.05 President Evil and continues through S3 my way, with tons more LoVe.    
Death Becomes Him Mediancat  

 An alternate universe tale, breaking off at the end of An Echolls Family Christmas. The starting point is: what if the security guard who tried to block Keith's entrance had been a little more on the ball?


Don't You Forget About Me Ultrawoman    After finding Trina instead of his mother at the hotel in ‘Ruskie Business’, Logan catches a ride home with Veronica and their friendship is reformed on the night of the Eighties dance. From there on, everything changes. LoVe.    
Escaping Neptune GlitterFairyPrincess    Veronica realizes that even as an FBI agent, the past just won't go away.    
From Russia with LoVe XinAiRen   Veronica returns from her FBI internship. Logan and the Russian mafia wait for her in Neptune, Keith tries to find a missing girl, and a small surprise awaits Dick. Picks up a couple months after series finale.    
Home Sweet Home pennylanex3   After a summer spent fetching coffee for hot shot FBI agents, Veronica is finally home to enjoy the rest of her summer and start fresh as a sophomore at Hearst. Will the pain from her past years follow her into the next or is LoVe and happiness in the air    
Honesty brencon   COMPLETED. What would've happened if the key hadn't broken and Logan found the cameras in 'A Trip To The Dentist', how would LoVe deal with the revelations together?    
It Don't Come Easy Bean0505    In Bean0505's world, Logan and Veronica don't stay apart for long. How 'There Has to be a Morning After Pill' should have ended.    
Its Not Over roguerulez   Set after episode 3x12. Its been 2 months since Veronica ended her relationship with Logan after the revelation of his one night stand with Madison. Both have been trying to move until Veronica learns something that may be the key to reuniting them.    
J'veux du soleil Shanee   AU. If Shelly Pomroy’s party had ended differently, its consequences would had compelled Veronica to mature into a strong and disillusioned Veronica, but before she had to deal with some unexpected events. COMPLETE.    
Letters Ashqua   AU during An Echolls Family Christmas, what if Weevil had found letters in Logan's pool house and given them to Veronica and thus unveiled the feelings he has for her.. LoVe story    
Life Goes On coffeevixen84    Daily life for our favorite smartass detective...    
Life in Slow Motion Angel Monroe   What if there were bullets in the gun. A chapter piece exploring a 'what if' of Lucky's homicidal turn. LoVe pairing, but includes many characters. Spoilers 2.21 and 2.22 in later chapters.     
Living is Fun PlasmaBall   Takes place after Clash of the Titans in season one. It's AU. Veronica shows Logan exactly what's great about living.     
Logan's Defense KelseyLoVe    Set near the end of A Trip to the Dentist. This is how the scene with the ceiling fan should have went down… LoVe style. And then the rest of the season based on that change.    
Losing my ground MyCrAzyWorld   Set back during season one, during the Echoll's Family Christmas. Veronica agrees to help figure out who stole Weevil's money, but will sparks shared with Logan get in the way of Neptune's favorite blonde PI from cracking the case?     
LoVe Is All Around You HBQ100   Updated and Revised! Begins where episode 1.22 ends. Veronica opens the door to find... Weevil! LoVe centric with full ensemble.     
Mutual brencon   COMPLETE. What if Logan and Veronica got together before everything went to hell? AU. LoVe.    
Never Too Late GwenhwyfarRose   Bringing them home was easy. It was what they risked and would miss that was hard    
Of Video Tapes and Lies Logans4ever    What if Logan’s video tribute to Lilly led him to more than he bargained for? WIP/IC    
Papa Don't Preach Ultrawoman   AU, starts Pre-Season 1. With Lilly dead and her mother gone, Veronica finds she has no-one to run to when life takes an unexpected turn, because this time she’s done something her Dad really won’t approve of...    
Rekindling Mooncat99   A slow way back to friendship – or even something more? AU, LoVe, Logan’s POV.     
Rewind acenotmary   Rewind, and backup. Check List: 1: Lilly's killer in Jail? Check. 2: Boyfriend? Check. 3: Bus Crash mystery solved Uh, not so much. Season 2 rewind. Complete LoVe. spoliers for season 2     
Something Like Fate carissima   AU. Lilly never had an affair with Aaron, so she didn't die, but somehow, things still work out the way they're meant to for Veronica ...     
Stuck In The Middle With You Ultrawoman    On the night Lilly steals the sex tapes and Aaron goes after her, a splitsecond decision saves Miss Kane’s life. It also puts Veronica in a very awkward position, and breaks Logan’s heart along the way. The two ultimately find comfort in each other.LoVe.    
Student Teacher Relations Ultrawoman    Dick Casablancas is having some problems, both academic and romantic. The only cure to his problems? The last girl he ever expected... MaDi    
Ten Thousand Miles Clevermonikerr    Veronica and Logan fly out to Australia to visit an old friend, and sort through the maps of their own history. Set post 3.15. Veronica/Logan, Duncan.    
The Odd Couple a blurred someday    “Remember when you started dating the jackass who had been nothing but cruel to you for a whole year? Well, I’m not even dating my jackass.”    
The Realization of a Lifetime LoVefan4ever    Veronica comes to a realization about her relationship with Logan after he defends her honor. Set at the end of season 3 and after. FutureFic. LoVe. This is my first fan fic. Please read and review! Thanks! Eplilogue is now up. COMPLETE!    
There and Back Again GwenhwyfarRose   On the first anniversary of Aaron Echolls death, Veronica and Logan decide to finally set their issues to rest, at the Echolls’ cabin, with six of their nearest and dearest friends.     
This Life Arwengiverney    Set after Not Pictured. Follows Logan and Veronica one week per year over many years. LoVe LoVe Love    
Turn of the Tide DarlingVioletta777    Takes off after 3.16 and goes in a different direction to the show. "It was a far cry from the last time they cooked together, joy bubbling in Veronica’s stomach that her family were finally back together." Logan/Veronica    
Twisted Mooncat99    What if Keith had died in the middle of the first season? Would that leave Veronica all alone? LoVe.    
Teachings of LoVe  christykq    FutureFic. Oneshot. Logan Lester is a happy guy with a lot of friends and a good job, trying to forget about his crazy life in Neptune, California. A LoVe story!    
What if? roguerulez   A short story inspired by events of A Trip to the Dentist. What if Veronica had never found the cameras that night? just a short, sweet, fluffy fic about Veronica & Logan being a couple after that night. AU after 1x21 Originally written as a one shot.     
What is LoVe? elizcalvert    Baby don’t hurt me, don’t hurt me no more…Season 2 doesn’t have nearly enough LoVe. So I’ve rewritten it! AU, LoVe all the way. Begins with Episode 2.01.    
Witness Protection AJzkitten69   Futurefic. After her graduation from Hearst, Veronica testified against Liam Fitzpatrick and was placed in Witness Protection. So what happens when Logan shows up at her door, risking both of their lives?     
Yeah, its Changing but Life Goes On x3Tinkerbell07    “I’m not ladies man,” He looked on confused, “but this has never happened before." “I’m sorry,” I was able to choke out, trying to regulate my breathing, “Its not you. I'm pregnant.” Episode 3x19 and on first 4 chapters closely follow show with dialogue